Allison Michelle McNeal

About Iosif Andriasov “Spring”, Op. 32 for Two Violins, Viola, and Cello

“The piece is beautiful and the score helps to make it more understandable! I could definitely hear the four verses– I thought of the long held chords as being the snow and the folk song as being the growth of spring trying to come through. The chords feel like the neutral part to me– no matter what happens during the folksong sections the chords always come back. I think that there’s the most tension in measures 35-46. Even though the first violin has the folksong right after that with the highest notes in the piece it doesn’t seem to have the same effect as before, and the chords come back shortly. I think that the senza vibrato at the end really enforces the idea of being neutral and just listening to the sound (or watching the snow which is white– another kind of neutrality because of the absence of color).”