Claudia Andriasova

About The 4th California Andriasov Music Festival

“When I flew cross-country (Fort Lauderdale, FL – San Francisco, CA) to listen to my then fiancé perform a concert (The 4th California Andriasov Music Festival), I realized that this would be my first classical music event. I was excited that I was going to listen to the music of Iosif Andriasov and Arshak Andriasov performed live.

It was such a wonderful feeling to meet the musicians who played at the concert. To be introduced by Arshak as his fiancé meant so much to me. The concert hall (Berkeley Hillside Club) was so elegant and classy. I did not know where to sit, but Arshak told me to sit next to his mom.

Since the beginning of the first note, I felt like the music captured my attention and grabbed me throughout the concert. It would transport me into different feelings. I was so joyful during Iosif’s String Quartet that I almost clapped after the end of the first movement. Thankfully, Arshak was there to stop me from clapping. I was humming Arshak’s “Torch, No. 1”. I remembered Arshak showing me how to listen to this piece, to feel each instrument develop into the other. The whole concert was beautiful and it will stay with me forever.”