Diana Duarte

“I had the pleasure to know and record the Sonatina from composer Arshak Andriasov.

When I heard the midi file (Flute version) he posted on YouTube, I thought it would be a lot of joy and fun to play this piece. Suddenly, it caught my attention to share an idea with Arshak of making this piece for the piccolo flute.

And it was right! He happily agreed.

I had so much fun working on this piece. It is a short piece that is full of energy at the fast parts, alternating with beautiful deepness at the slow ones. I could not wait to record this composition and ask him what I could do better.

It is such a privilege to get to know the composer. He is such a kind and positive person, always encouraging and heartwarming.

I felt the music speaks to a lot of people, and connects them all over the world, if played or heard, no matter where one is from or which language one speaks.”