Katherine Napiwotzki

“It was a pleasure to work with Arshak on his Romances. They are incredibly moving pieces – short but powerful, and very touching. The thought that is behind his music is extraordinary, and it was a joy to learn the deep psychological aspects of his music and to understand the context in which they were composed. Experiencing his music, whether singing, playing, or listening, is a gift and a lesson in humanity, bringing beauty to the world.

I performed “Here is the Evening” and “The Rose” with Arshak at The 1st Toronto Andriasov Music Festival. Arshak is a huge inspiration to me as a tireless supporter of his father’s music, a dynamic and sensitive performer, and an advocate for peace, equality, and human rights. He gives such a detailed explanation of the circumstance behind his pieces that it is very exciting to learn and perform his music. There is so much to consider and express.

Working with Arshak is about the music itself – not about the ego of the performer. The attitude of the singer is everything in performing his works. Arshak once told me that each concert is about giving love and beauty to the world. It is important that the singer has an attitude which is caring and giving because Arshak is an extremely caring and giving person. Otherwise, the performance is not truly authentic.”