Larry London

“Ten years ago I was in a recording studio on a film project, and I heard Victor Romasevich during a break in the session playing a beautiful melody on viola. When I asked him about it, he told me it was “Concertino” by Iosif Andriasov and was originally written for clarinet. I’m a clarinetist, so I ordered the music right away, started to practice it and discovered in it an exhilarating, original personality. Since then I’ve had the pleasure to perform the work in public six times, once even with Arshak Andriasov in Rochester at an all-Andriasov concert. I look forward to playing it again in the near future.

It’s a compact work, only about seven minutes long, but there’s a range of expressive qualities in it, and every time I approach it, it seems fresh and new. The music also has real audience appeal, and even if they are unaware of an implicit inner narrative, it always receives a strong response in performance. What a wonderful addition to our solo literature it is!”