Linya Su

“When Mr. Arshak Andriasov first contacted me to inquire about the possibility of performing his and his father’s music in the 5th New York Andriasov Music Festival, I was at first impressed by his down-to-earth manner in treating musicians like me. Later, as I learned more about his life, works and unceasing passion in promoting his father’s works, I was additionally moved by the reason that stands behind his endeavors. Arshak accentuated: “It is all about bringing beauty to the world, whereas moral concerns and integrity should always be at the basis.” Indeed, following his father’s footsteps, Arshak has taken deliberate measures to ensure that his undertakings remain consistent with the espoused ideal. It was through the experience of learning and performing his works, as well as collaborating with him in person, I can say it for sure that all of his works and endeavors have become the epitome of his belief, in theory and practice.

I felt very honored to be part of the Andriasov Festival. For me, the experience wasn’t simply about beauty for beauty’s sake. By highlighting the meaning and purpose of beauty in music, Arshak attempted to challenge and catechize our otherwise taken-for-granted view toward contemporary classical music, in particular its role and function in the global community we share.

In all, I would highly recommend his and his father’s music to be included in any musician’s repertoire. I am certain they will be of great benefit to all listeners worldwide.”