Michelle Matts

“Words cannot possibly describe my thoughts and feelings, when it comes to performing Iosif Andriasov’s “Musical Sketch for Flute & Piano”; particularly with Arshak Andriasov at the piano. This piece is one of the loveliest and sweetest pieces which Iosif composed. It demonstrates the sheer brilliance of the composer, as well as a sweet spirit. It is a piece which is so beautifully delicate and challenging to perform. I feel like the Flute Sketch fits my personality perfectly, and I have truly enjoyed the experience of working on it under the coaching/direction of Arshak Andriasov, the composer’s son. His down to earth, personable demeanor puts me at ease during our rehearsal sessions, and his love and respect for his father’s music is addicting.

I have developed such a respect and appreciation for both Iosif and Arshak Andriasov. My experience playing the Flute Sketch with Arshak in both the New York City and Richmond, Virginia areas has been nothing short of “magical”, and I feel a complete and total peace whenever we perform it together. I wish that Iosif could be here for such performances; I have a feeling that he’d be very proud to see and hear his son performing his pieces in various places.

I highly recommend both Iosif and Arshak Andriasov’s music to any musician, and I am hoping that their music continues to spread across the world. Both musicians and audiences would greatly benefit from it.”