Paul Rhodes

“I have come into contact with the music of Iosif Andriasov through Victor Romasevich, an esteemed colleague, and I am certainly the better for having crossed this path.

Andriasov’s music is many things:

strong, flavorful, tender, uncompromising, inventively melodic, always well-crafted, full of both instinctive and intellectual intelligence, but all of these are overtures to the real purpose of his work, and life. Through thought and music, he never stopped promoting and encouraging truth, courage, and using one’s talents to make this a better place and to make each other better, regardless of any personal expense that would come about. In a society that is, all too often, ego-driven, safe, and inconsiderate, he spent his life trying to counteract these things. Though I never got the chance to meet him personally, I have had the chance to know his wife and son, and am comforted by their equal enthusiasm for continuing to promote this very underappreciated man.”