Rogier de Pijper

“Silence. There is a deafening silence right before I start. I’m trying to stress the silence by just waiting a little longer. In the meantime, I’m preparing myself for the piece. The audience is waiting and then there comes the sound of the first notes. I feel gratitude, hope, completeness and a little melancholy. It is an honor to share this music with the audience.

This is what it felt like the first time I performed the Musical Sketch by Iosif Andriasov during a concert. The audience was moved by the music.

A particular work that is special in its simplicity. When I realized that the piece is just build on long notes, it was only then that I understood I had to let the music do the work. The melody hardly needs guidance. Only nice long notes going in a certain direction. From time to time guided by the accompaniment.

It is inevitable that Iosif Andriasov would have been very proud of his talented son Arshak who passionately and lovingly is giving his father’s music the attention it deserves.”