Samuel Marques

“It was for me a true pleasure to play at the 5th New York Andriasov Festival. Arshak is a one-of-a-kind, truly great person, and I congratulate him on his endeavors and for putting together this festival as a way of sharing his and his father’s music, and for promoting classical music in general.

I felt very fortunate and honored to play Iosif Andriasov’s Clarinet Concertino with the amazing Victor Romasevich on the piano. The Concertino, despite being a short work (only about 7 minutes long), is able to demonstrate all the good things the clarinet can do. It starts with a first movement of a very tender and melancholic character, showcasing the clarinet’s beautiful tone and expressiveness through the use of beautiful melodies. In the second movement, Andriasov makes the clarinet shine in a different way, as the clarinet displays all its virtuosic technique and there is also a humorous interplay between the clarinet and piano.

I strongly believe this piece should be part of the standard clarinet repertoire, because it really is a great piece, and I am thankful to Arshak for giving me the opportunity to learn it and perform”