Tigran Arakelyan

“It was a wonderful experience for me to play a piece by Iosif Andriasov, since he is not only a great composer but an individual who fought against the hardest of times in the 20th century. I had a great time playing the Flute Sketch with his son Arshak Andriasov who is an accomplished composer/pianist. We played at the annual Andriasov Festival in Rochester NY. The piece is beautiful, short and has wonderful spirit that connects the Armenian spirit with the Western classical tradition. As a flutist it is evident to me that Iosif Andriasov had a full grasp and understanding of the possibilities on the flute and used every note and phrase to its fullest potential. I hope that future generations of composers can hear, study and learn from Iosif Andriasov and his compositional style and techniques. He combines the technical and theoretical aspects with the passion and life that music depicts. This is what I admire and like about his music.”